8 out of 10 new products in Spain fail. We have magnificent products that are commercialized by other brands. Other countries and they achieve magnificent results with those same products and that. We have not been able to obtain their commercial performance. Are we still obsessed with the product? Therein lies the cause of our level of commercialization in certain sectors and business segments. The other day in one of my students in a master’s class that I teach, for one of my client business schools. We discussed the issue of strategic marketing, and she argued: “Of course. But how are we going to visualize the future or trends in the market if is our product what it is?”

They Were Marketing Students at a High Level

They are countries that coincide with our companies in many international markets. And it is noticeable in many cases, obviously not in all. That they achieve better results than our brands. In addition, to this Central African Republic B2B List circumstance that is not strange. We could even say that its competitiveness in this aspect is greater than ours. French gastronomy sells better than Spanish, Italian fashion has more value than Spanish. Italian oils (which we produce in large part) are identified as the best in the world? All examples that our products are very likely to be better than those of. The competitors or at least are at the same level, but nevertheless. The award of brand value, with all that this implies, is taken by others and they surpass us facing the market.

We Can Add Without Any Type of Complex That in Most Cases

Central African Republic B2B List

Our products, perhaps less in services, are of higher quality and greater added value than our competitors. However, they are the ones that surpass us in sales and results. So the obvious question is if our products are better in many ways than the competition. Why don’t we get better results than our competitor brands? It is because of marketing, would be the answer, and it is that. The marketing implemented by many companies focuses on that product that is good. But an offer does not impact or simply the mentality of competing on price. Understanding that our competitiveness lies in making it cheaper. It is revealing to the customer that we ourselves do not put the level at which this magnificent product should be.

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