In recent times, the media have been looking for new sources of income to make up for. The drop they are experiencing in advertising revenue. Consumers are making fewer and fewer clicks on traditional advertising and therefore. The revenue derived from it is decreasing, especially if you take into account that consumers are becoming much more proactive when. It comes to stopping advertising and not receiving, therefore brand messages. On the other hand, and in parallel. Brands are looking for new ways to connect with consumers and get their messages across. They want to make up lost ground and want their posts to have high engagement rates and good reception. They want their messages to be more than just background noise that consumers receive.

All This Has Meant That Certain Formats Are Experiencing Greater

And this is where native advertising comes in, which has become one of them. The most attractive formats for brands due to its positive reaction among consumers and is becoming. One of the media’s favorites due to its Buy Malaysia WhatsApp Numbers good position as a new source of income. All this will only increase the market share of native advertising and its weight. Within the totals of the advertising and media industries. According to a study by the international news media association (inma) and the native advertising institute (nai). The weight of native advertising in the total advertising revenue of the leading newspapers in the market will grow to 25% in 2018.

The State of Native Advertising Now the Figures Already

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The figures already indicate that native advertising is generating quite a bit of interest right now. According to the study data, 48% of the media (and by media in this case they mean news media, newspapers) already have some type of native advertising format, which means that practically half of these media are already using the Format. To them, we must add the 39% that the channel will use, or so it foresees, as one more advertising option in the future. In general, the media see it as a promising advertising format with great options for the future. 89% recognize that native advertising is important.

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