One of the trends for the current year in terms of fashion, design and other visual arts is gold. In a market in which the 80s are back in fashion and in which the aesthetics of that decade are having a moment of powerful revival, as evidenced by the fact that chain prints or fluorescent colors have returned, their key elements they re-enter the day-to-day and become the foundation of how things should be and how they reach the public. And, among those things, there are the gold ones, which are back in fashion this year. Brands and companies will recover them again in their products, in their packaging and even in the set-up of their points of sale.

Although This Gold Boom Owes a Lot to the Revival of the 80s

From the outset, gold is associated with luxury, with what is expensive, which allows it to link products. Services and spaces to a range of spending and to certain. Values ​​(provided it is done with certain criteria: the Fiji B2B List brands that do this they can hardly run the risk of simply remaining tacky). The golden tones are, let’s not forget, those of gold and that is why they are associated with luxury and money and, in a certain way. With happiness and, much more clearly, with fortune and good luck. That is why gold is very present at weddings, for example, but also in Christmas decorations.

Why Do We Spend More on Golden Things?

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One of the examples that help to understand this reality comes from a recent study that analyzed. The behavior of consumers regarding tips. The conclusion, therefore, is that the color gold invites you to be “More generous”. That is, before gold we spend much more freely, possibly because of what. We subconsciously associate with gold. Gold is the color “Of the rich” and its presence makes us feel that we are richer, more comfortable. As explained in fastcompany, presenting the results of the study, when we feel richer. We tend to show more of our consumption capacity (after all, don’t we spend more after receiving our salary, feeling that we are better off financially?). Gilding just gets that process going.

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