Much needed regulation Laws Guyana B2B List and regulations are desperately need. When taking the next quantum leap of blockchain technology. According to research by PWC , the great lack of clarity is the highest barrier for companies to do something about it now. This is mainly due to the pacing problem . This is the problem that Guyana B2B List making or amending laws can sometimes take years. This while technology sometimes develops within a few months. Airbnb, for example, grew from 20,000 to 80 million bookings in one year. When the GDPR legislation was launched, it had already been superseded by the rapid rise of blockchain (which is partly at Guyana B2B List odds with this legislation.

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Former Minister Kamp already Guyana B2B List indicated that legislation should promote digital innovation and not slow it down. My colleagues at the World Economic Forum also raised this major issue internationally. Fortunately, many new laws and regulations have been announc in 2020. January will be the first to update the Money Guyana B2B List Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act ( Waft This brings several Dutch companies that are active with cryptocurrencies under anti-money laundering supervision. Then they are legally oblige to combat money laundering and terrorist financing (KYC, AML). In addition, various discussions are being held Guyana B2B List about the rights and obligations surrounding.

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What about Guyana B2B List bankruptcy? And where should companies turn? What about rights and obligations within cross-border contracts? The much-loved GDPR legislation will also receive an update in the coming year , to embrace blockchain technology more. What else can we expect? These developments may not break through in 2020, but we should keep an eye on them. I am talking about ‘non-fungible tokens’, the ‘tokenizing’ of Guyana B2B List assets and ‘self sovereign identity’.  Non-fungible tokens ‘Non-fungible tokens’ are digital currencies with a unique property. Every euro is the same, but every dog ​​is unique, and therefore cannot be freely exchang or Guyana B2B List replaced by an identical item.

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