Growth hacking is one of those terms that have taken hold in the marketing world. After having a moment of hyper-popularity where everyone. Seemed to be talking about it and trying to figure out what it was. The passage of time has established it as a necessity and has turned. Its professionals into some of the most desired by companies. One of those fashionable workers that all companies fight for. These professionals have to have a lot of knowledge in many areas and, above all. They have to serve the company for certain purposes. They have to solve problems (such as the fact that consumers are increasingly dispersed). To be able to connect with consumers, and, above all, to make the brand or company grow.

First of All, Lay the Foundations as They Point Out in the Analysis

As they point out in the analysis, before embarking on great things, the pillars must be well established. You have to build the basics, which in this case consists of optimizing the spending that is being done Buy Azerbaijan WhatsApp Numbers on marketing. Marketers are expecting big things and they are talking about how they are going to use data and all the information to reach consumers in a way never before seen and much more effectively. The data will help them grow because it will allow them to position themselves in a different way. But before that growth, before those great campaigns, it is necessary to work to have the starting points. That is, you need to know what platforms are going to be used and how what will be the path to follow, and how things are going to be customized (it’s not just about customizing.

The Example Used in the Analysis Allows Us to Understand

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Airlines have used email marketing in a traditional way to reach consumers. Remind them of things and push them to buy, but in recent times they have had to change their narrative and their. Weapons because for consumers emails no longer work as well as they do. Other tools. Emails no longer convey urgency and if companies need them to act they already have to send push notifications. What they have learned is that they have to play with different tools and at different times if they need an answer. And, in the end. What allows this use of data and being able to understand ways and formats. That best and best suit consumers at all times is to create hyper-personalized processes for each consumer.

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