The coronavirus crisis came, exploded, and turned everything upside down. Forcing companies to make difficult decisions and completely change their strategy. One of the areas in which they have had to make changes and make. Adjustments have been in their marketing and advertising strategy. Which they have had to readjust and modify to suit the new context. That is also an area in which they will have to continue making. Changes and adjustments and in which they are still not very clear. How they will have to act. What are companies worried about in marketing? And what are the points where they need to act to remain relevant? A brief interview in Forbes. With Jeannine Falcone, head of creative marketing agency global and North America. Accenture Interactive gives a few clues.

It Is Important to Understand What Is Worrying Companies

The first point that concerns companies in relation to their marketing strategy are the changes that consumers lead. They need to be able to quickly adapt to a changing landscape. Where consumer concerns and consumption patterns change from day to day. The second key point is how they should adjust hotel email database their business strategy to. This situation and to the new context in which the market is moving. As the specialist explains, “Covid-19 has changed the experience of being a consumer. Employee, citizen, and human.” these changes will have an effect on “How we design, communicate. Build and manage the experiences people need and want going forward.”

What These Changes Marketers Need to Take These Two Big Points Into Account

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A decade does not seem like a long time, at least when you think about social changes and the emergence of new consumption patterns. However, one only has to think about where we are now and where we were ten years ago, in terms of priorities regarding brands, use of technology, and even the economic situation (at least pre-covid-19), to understand that a decade can change things a lot. For brands and businesses, understanding how the future will impact and what will set the agenda is crucial. They need to be ahead of the trend and prepare for it. A study by Kantar and Essence has analyzed how things will change for companies and how ads will change in 2030.

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