In a study, not long ago, Spanish children were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. Among the list of answers, there were a lot of jobs from the world of the internet and social networks. And, among these new and varied jobs, there were also, of course, all those related to YouTube. Today’s children want to be YouTube stars, which shows that, on the one hand, the golden age of YouTube has begun for children and, on the other, YouTube has become a kind of dream job option, a kind of almost mythological work with which to dream and to which to aspire. Just as in the past you dreamed of being a singer in a pop group or a successful actor who won so many emotional speech awards, now you dream of being a YouTube star.

Achieving It Is Not Easy Nor Was It in the Past to Become a Successful

One of the traditional actions that those who wanted to succeed in Hollywood did was to move to Los Angeles and try to succeed among the big movie studios. The same thing is happening now with those who dream of Buy Poland WhatsApp Numbers being YouTubers. They move to those places where there is a large community or where members of the social media industry move. Los Angeles is, in fact, one of those places, as the analysis demonstrates. Young people from the United States move to the city, but not to succeed in the movies or on TV, but to be YouTube stars.

There Are Sometimes Quite a Few Parallels Between Those

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Whatever you do (moving to the mecca of social networks or trying to take advantage of the pull of the official). The truth is that no matter how you look at youtube. It is no longer as easy as it used to be. The great stories of triumphs in the social network. That we know until now were closely linked to the practically spontaneous. Stars were born almost unintentionally. Someone who had a topic that particularly interested them or on which. They had a lot of knowledge (or simply someone who was able to ‘look’ good on camera and do something that others wanted to see). Would launch their contents from the room of their house and, incidentally. He became famous and rich. It is the myth of the YouTuber who works from his bed and becomes a millionaire on the way.

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