Web design is one of the most important aspects of any digital marketing and advertising plan that is approached comprehensively. Therefore, entrepreneurs and managers need to have practical criteria to evaluate proposals and make decisions on this matter. By web design, we refer to the different spaces, elements, and content with which people interact when they browse the internet. From a web page to the avatar of the accounts on social networks, through banners, infographics. Forms, or images for instagram. In other words, web design has to do with all the graphic components involved in the user. Interaction process, which should respond to professional web design guidelines.

What Satisfies Customers in Front of a Web Design

It is good to keep in mind that in this area there has always been a controversy among specialists about what is more important, aesthetics or functionality. And many believe that the answer lies in the balance or the Ghana B2B List balance between both aspects. But the service perspective is much more useful to see clearly the real challenges facing web design. Because the quality of service is easier to measure and improve than subjective tastes in aesthetics. From a service vision, web design consists of achieving the appropriate combination of aesthetics and functionality to satisfy customers when they interact in some way with a web design. Now, what satisfies customers in front of a web design?

Customers Are Always Looking for Information Speed

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An expectation is hope of doing or achieving something or the possibility of something happening. In this sense, when we interact with technology, people expect certain patterns to occur. But we are not born with those expectations, but rather: Our expectations are based on previous use of other technologies for example, in the case of expectations about the response speed of a function, they are associated with whether the technology is working or not. It’s what happens when you interact with a light switch to turn it on. You subconsciously expect the light to turn on in less than a second.

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