There is an indicator in the advertising sector that leaves no room for doubt. The forecast of advertising spending according to Dentsu aegis has been estimated. That the share of advertising investment in digital media will reach 37.6% in 2018 (compared to 34.8% in 2017). While advertising investment will represent 35.9% (compared to 37, 1% from 2017). Digital has overtaken most media formats in terms of the global share of spending. But this is the first time digital ad spend has outpaced tv. According to the research, programmatic advertising is one of the drivers of that change, as it will grow 25.4% this year.

We Are at a Point Where Digital Investment Is Just a Default

However, using a solution such as a single custom retargeting provider is no longer a competitive practice. Today’s marketers need a broader reach and flexible optimization tools to achieve ambitious goals. While ultimately Buy Australia WhatsApp Numbers rewarding, running many different campaigns at once can be challenging. Success depends on how much you know about the tests, the business metrics, and the comparison of the final results. RTB house a global company that offers state-of-the-art retargeting technology. Suggest three essential practices when using several retargeting providers at the same time.

Competition Is Undoubtedly a Motivating Force the Idea Behind

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The idea behind multiple retargeted is to exploit this tug of war for more successful marketing activities in the future. By cooperating with many technology vendors, you will experience. How each vendor handles high-level customer service and sees vendor-to-vendor performance results. In order to get reliable results from running multiple processes. You need to keep in mind that you can (and should) compare both retargeted by using the same metrics. To get the big picture of the effectiveness of each provider. It is good practice to use each one simultaneously over a long period of time. The best tactic is also to set the same budget and parameters with all technology providers (same maximum conversion cost.

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