According to amdia’s new Global Data-Driven Marketing report, the importance of data is growing for marketers around the world.  In this sense, the study revealed that data is playing an increasingly important role as a pillar of marketing. Advertising and customer experience management practices around the world. 81.3% of respondents saying identify data as an important point for their efforts. Above the 57.1% which they did in 2014. Technological advances are transforming the way organizations can leverage data to meet business goals.  Marketers to realize the increased value of ddma.” improving measurement capabilities along with developing more skills and training. Around analytics are global requirements and must be a key element of our.

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In addition, animoto’s forecasts indicate that new players will enter the video battle. Making the content offer much broader. On the one hand, smes will start producing their own videos. Small companies will not give up this India B2B List opportunity and will produce their own videos. Following in the footsteps of the big firms. On the other hand, 2016 will see a peak in the production of diy videos. In other words, consumers will not simply wait for brands and content. Providers to release videos. They will also be content producers.

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India B2B List

The expectation is that video will grow significantly in 2016 and video will become. A key element that every marketer will have to understand and use. “In 2016, marketers will need to add video marketing to their list of skills if they want. To be competitive with their future employers and clients,” brad jefferson, ceo and co-founder of Animoto. A marketer who doesn’t know. How to move in the video universe will not have much to do in the market during the next year.


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