Brands, vendors and retailers are relying more and more on youtube to reach their target audience. And there’s nothing special about it: considering that 90% of internet users watch online video. That many young people visit youtube on a daily basis, or that 400 hours of video are uploaded to the platform every minute. This increase in investment by brands is not surprising at all. But in addition, merchants are prioritizing a specific format: youtube trueview ads. That is, those that give the viewer options, either skipping the pre-roll ads after 5 seconds. Choosing the ad they want to see (among videos or in search results) or appearing on display for related videos. That is, formats that allow the advertiser to pay only when the consumer has actually carried out an action and has interacted, in some way, with the spot.

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A study by pixability, reviewed by digiday, has analyzed the spending on youtube of the 100 main retailers, and among all of them. Spending on trueview ads has increased compared to last year. And not a little precisely: by the Turkey B2B List last quarter of 2015 merchants will have spent 200% more than in 2014. And only during this year there was an increase of 77% between the second and third quarters. Pixability’s predictions for this quarter are that spending on trueview ads by these top retailers will reach $41 million. With brands like walmart leading the charge (they will spend $17 million alone). Although in general, the sector that is spending the most on these ads is that of online stores. With the giant amazon as the best representative.

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