who want to take in information quickly. Infographics are perfect for visually displaying data and facts. Helpful for introducing new readers to core topics on your blog. Switzerland Email Database What to Include in Your Infographic Post An infographic post template includes An introduction: This could be very short or Switzerland Email Database quite long, depending upon your goals. It just needs to set the scene for your infographic. Perhaps explaining what led you to create it, or what information the reader. Switzerland Email Database will get from it. The infographic itself. You can’t have an infographic post without the actual infographic. In most cases, this will form the bulk of your post. A conclusion.

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Don’t simply end your post with the infographic. Include Switzerland Email Database extra links (to other infographics or related posts on your blog). Here’s how to structure and write each of the sections in this blog post template: Introduction: Tell readers about the infographic. You don’t need to go into lots of detail, but you do need to give Switzerland Email Database them some context. For instance, you might tell them (briefly) why you created the infographic. Infographic: You probably think about “designing” an infographic rather than “writing” it, but the words you choose for your infographic are still important. You won’t have space for much text, so Switzerland Email Database thinks carefully about what to include. Most infographics will use short sentences and bullet points rather than whole paragraphs of text.

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Keep the language you use simple and Switzerland Email Database straightforward – and define key terms on the infographic itself, not just in the surrounding text. You should also include links to sources of data used in your infographic. Most infographics have these as a list of URLs at the bottom of the infographic. Conclusion: Add a couple of Switzerland Email Database sentences or paragraphs at the end of your post to round things off. You might encourage the reader to share the infographic, invite them to leave a comment, or link to other posts or infographics on your site. Infographic Blog Post Examples Infographic: Are You Switzerland Email Database Charging the Right Hourly Rate as a Freelancer? I struggle with it.

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