In the business world, everyone would like to have an infallible magic ball. That shows where things are going (with no room for error, of course) and what to expect in the future. Decision-makers like to know for sure what to expect so that they are prepared for whatever may come their way. As well as being ahead of their competition. At the moment there is no infallible magic ball. In the case of marketing and advertising. Brands want to have a clear forecast of what awaits them ahead, since the situation is constantly changing and competition is increasing.

As Things Become More Complex Knowing What to Expect

What is moving the world of advertising right now and what will move it in the coming months? Emarketer has just launched a study pointing out the three major macro trends that are defining. Summing it up in three Guinea B2B List words, mobile, global, and programmatic are. The three basic points to keep in mind. Broadening the focus a little more. The data that companies must take into account is a little broader. In recent months we have witnessed how programmatic advertising (the one in which an algorithm. Crosses supply and demand to find the best position for the ads) was increasing. Its weight in the advertising field and being incorporated into more and more media.

According to Emarketer Data  in the United States Market Alone

Guinea B2B List

It will already be 55% of all investment in display ads, or which is the same, a market with a value of 15,000 million dollars. But not only has it grown and is growing, but it is also becoming a kind of indisputable trend. That must be joined despite the fact that programmatic advertising still involves taking into account certain challenges. Only 10% of agencies are personalizing their ads online and 25% of all advertisers are not doing any personalization at all. Despite the fact that many studies have been indicating the importance of personalizing what is done online.


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