Most sources recommend that your podcast logo be 1400 x 1400 or 3000 x 3000. Format it correctly. Your podcast logo should be a PNG, JPEG, and in the RGB color space. Reunion Email Lists Does it appeal to your audience? Imagine your audience and what would make them want to choose your podcast. Use apps like Canva to create your Reunion Email Lists artwork. There are a lot of apps you can use to help design your art. Canva is easy to use and free for limited options. Pay someone else to make it. It may be that your best bet is to have a Reunion Email Lists expert create the artwork for you. It’s easy to find someone on Fiverr who is experienced and can make professional artwork for you.

Building Your Blog’s Audience

Here are a few popular podcast Reunion Email Lists examples to inspire your artwork. My Favorite Murder (Example of Podcast Logo) My Favorite Murder with Karen Killgariff & Georgia Hardstark cover art catches your attention. It uses ransom note lettering to show what kind of podcast it is: one that discusses murder. Stuff You Should Know (Example of Podcast Logo) in My Guide to Starting a Podcast Stuff You Should Know is at the top of the charts Reunion Email Lists and proves you don’t need an overly complicated design to be visually appealing. How to Write a Podcast Description Let listeners know what it’s all about. Don’t leave your potential audience hanging. Let them know exactly what your podcast will cover and why they should listen.

Monetizing Your Blog Readership

Tell them what they will get out of listening to your Reunion Email Lists podcast: Are they going to learn from you? Will your podcast make them laugh? Will you share fascinating stories from history or new discoveries in science? Tell them exactly what you will talk about on your show. Appeal to your audience. Just like your cover art, your Reunion Email Lists description should match the audience you want to attract. What should your description include that would make them want to hit the listen button? Tell them what makes you special.  Do you have phenomenal guests?

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