Voice marketing is here to stay. 62% of top marketers in the US will invest in this format. The next two years according to a recent eMarketer report. while companies are beginning to incorporate. This new channel into their strategies in other more mature markets. Such as the United States in Spain. There are still many doubts among advertisers. Voice marketing is not yet widespread. Many brands do not know how to position themselves. Consumers themselves do not yet take advantage. The possibilities that their smart speakers have. Its use will soon spread exponentially. Explains Juan Camilo Bonilla, CEO of Rebold.

Optimize the Website for Audio Searches Google Marks Two Basi

To become a leader in this market. Remember that Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa do not currently support paid advertising. But that limitation can become an australia mobile number database advantage for brands that know how to “talk” to consumers through their devices using technology: Build audio identity Brands have spent years developing their corporate identity and how they present themselves to consumers in a visible way. Now they have to go through that exercise again, deciding how to present themselves to users through sound but without image.

Positioning Has Another Relevant Aspect the Results of a Text

optimize the website for audio searches Google marks two basic premises: mobile-first index and loading speed, which also helps to avoid bounces and favors visits and conversions. The positioning has another relevant aspect: the results of a text search offer several options, but voice searches present a single answer, which is linked to the position in Google, in addition to the user’s preferences. Furthermore, ensuring data security is an increasingly important issue. SEO strategies To communicate with voice assistants, brands need to learn what their consumers are asking and how they are formulating their queries.

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