Fredrick asked Lycos’ VP about their policy on the door page: “It would be great if the door page was advertising the exact thing. Let’s take the example of a store that sells ‘lawn mowers’ and ‘kitchen stuff’. What if the home page was all graphics. What if the page you wrote Include some legal and accurate copy describing the site that the page is leading people to, then that’s perfectly legal. You should probably encourage people to do this, especially if you’re dealing with a site with frames or something else that makes the page difficult to index properly.

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When Lycos intentionally misrepresents the information contained on a page, they will ban a page or site, especially if it handles common queries or irrelevant queries that lead people to unrelated sites.” HotBot sent us a review about IP Guatemala Phone Number technology: “Our basic point is, yes, if you show one page to the indexer and another page to the consumer, even if it’s well-meaning, you’re spamming and you’re going to annoy us and our users.” An Excite representative had this to say about IP redirection.

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It’s not good for our users if the users of the search engines get different pages than the pages we index. That’s bad because it hurts the user’s experience. You can infer from that. In turn, it gradually hurts the company [ Excite]. However, Excite has no official policy on dealing with stealth scripts. A lot of our stuff is automated and we can’t go around and check everything.” So at the moment you may not always be banned for using this technology. Excite may have a program that this contact does not know about.

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