Data came first. The information became the “Oil of the 21st century”.As the analysis insisted and as it was repeated in the articles. Big data began as a somewhat strange thing that companies in the sector. Had to present at conferences and press conferences and sell with enthusiasm to become. What seemed to be the key to success for the future. Then came privacy. As data became more and more ubiquitous and more and more important. So was sensitivity to what companies knew about each other and. More importantly, how they used it to do business. The increasingly demanding regulations on data protection. Such as European law, and the scandals that were settling in the news about insensitive use of information.

Why Has It Settled as an Emerging Element More and More

And with all this came data ethics. It is not just that companies have to do a more demanding job in data protection and privacy. But also that new visions have appeared on the use of sports betting email list information and new figures and related responsibilities. Data ethics, the ethics of data, has gone from being. an emerging issue that was in the innovation phase and that. Only the most cutting-edge companies used to be one of the pieces of the hype. Cycle in digital marketing of the consultancy. That is, it has become a fashionable topic. Why has it settled as an emerging element more and more companies are worrying about data. Ethics and developing a strategy that fits this vision of things.

The Need for Consumer Data Ethics Stems From Two Factors

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All these issues will not go away in the future and data ethics will become much more important. The Gartner analyst points out that to “Earn the trust of consumers” brands will have to talk much more about ethics and data and “Demonstrate. In a transparent way, their commitment.” of course, all this will force us to work in a different way. And to have much clearer and more demanding data policies, but it will also change. How things are done will have ramifications in many areas of digital marketing. Although Gartner does not foresee a full adoption of data ethics policies for at least ten years. It can already predict which areas and terrain will be affected by its impact.

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