Once upon a time, there was an emperor, who was interested in his clothes above all else and could not avoid the temptation to try something really new and revolutionary: fabrics that fools or useless people could not see. I’m not going to tell the rest of the story because almost everyone already knows it. I have remembered this story when living closely at the digital experience in some companies. There are people who do not have the necessary digital training and occupy positions of responsibility, hosting some digital aspects in their departments (social networks, online store, online marketing, advertising, etc).

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Has it ever happened to you that you have been told a tirade and you have not asked for fear of being labeled ignorant? There are people who have ever experienced it. It is very easy for the professionals who occupy these positions to China B2B List feel comfortable, completely at ease, because their bosses do not usually have this knowledge, and it is difficult for them to evaluate their work. So in some organizations, two realities come together: that of the specialist who knows more about his subject than the others (which doesn’t have to be much either), and the reality of his bosses

This Is Where the Tale of the Emperor’s Costume Comes Into Play

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This lack of training of the managers who manage digital teams. Sometimes causes them to accept all the explanations that their teams give them as valid. Without being able to refute them. Just as the emperor of the story. Thought “Anyone says that I don’t see the canvas? They would call me stupid or useless”. The director on duty thinks “Anyone says that I don’t understand what they tell me? They would call me stupid or ignorant”. And so they go climbing, from superior to superior, wrong numbers. Wrong approaches, and each new boss thinking the same as the previous. “It seems that these know what they do?”. They end up walking through the corridors and going to meetings naked. Thinking they are dressed and assuming mediocre information as good.

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