The term ‘disruptive’ is not new, but in marketing, it has been used a lot lately. Especially after the appearance of Geoffrey colon’s book ‘disruptive marketing: what growth hackers. Data punks and other hybrid thinkers can teach us about navigating the new normal. And in truth, there have always been abrupt changes in the industry. But never in such a short time since digital gained ground. And although ‘disruptive’ means breaking with a structure, in marketing we talk about its effect. Breaking to differentiate ourselves and generate surprise and amazement. We know that the technological transformation has modified relationships -work and personal- and that there is also a paradigm shift and a generational change.

The Price Does Matter, but Less and Less Because We Identify

Alvin Toffler had already observed it in 1980 in his book ‘The Third Wave’: all of us in the future will be prosumers. the conjunction between producers and consumers. And it is today, with Generations Y (millennials) and Z, when it buy uae email database is happening. What does the new consumer demand? Seeks participation, Makes the product visible. Produces content on the networks, Is intelligent, Is informed, Compares. Establishes horizontal relationships and Interacts with brands. A detail that should not be overlooked: the digital audience is not passive. The digital audience is in a digital space to do something. usually something very specific and quite utilitarian.

Therefore, Brands Must Achieve That Point of Interaction of Someone

You always have to break with the traditional; you have to be disruptive in every way. It is the only way to survive in a world full of commodities. But first of all, you have to read again. The poet maya angelou maintained that ” I have learned that people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel “. You have to make customers feel good. You have to lead with your heart and not with data. To connect with people, you don’t have to sell them anything else: you have to use their emotions. Then the sale will come by itself.

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