Social networks have become a very powerful marketing tool for advertisers. Due to the massive use that internet users make of them. However, like the behavior of these, platforms of this nature continually experience changes. Which companies notice and confirm in their marketing strategies. This is what emerges from the latest report by the company social media examiner. A document from which we analyze some of the most important statistics on social media marketing in recent months. Which range from the penetration of these platforms among brands to the type of strategy for which they are going to bet the most throughout this year. All the data analyzed shows that more and more companies are committed to strengthening. Their digital presence and using social environments and media more actively.

84% of Sellers Have Integrated Strategies More and More Companies

Two elements seem to be fighting to become the epicenter of the attention of large companies (and small ones). On the one hand, there is the social universe, in which companies. Fight to get more and more followers and therefore Board Members Email List increase their community. And, on the other hand, there is the fact that companies need more and more data and that information has become. A kind of new currency and a new source of power at a time when data has become erected as. A key element to have a key to know your consumers and offer them what they are looking for.

For 66% of Companies, Social Media Helps Them Generate Leads

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They are followed by blogs, with 69%, other types of visual content, with 68%, and podcasts, with 43%. Along these lines, the majority say that they will increase their video budget in the coming months: 72%. They are followed by those who recognize that they will keep it, with 15%, and those who indicate that they have not thought of integrating it into their social media marketing strategy, with 13% of the total responses.

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