At a time when data has become one of the most important elements and one of the issues that companies want to know at all costs, one that they follow almost obsessively and constantly, companies have found themselves with a new problem and one more that can be more and more problematic. In the midst of the obsession with knowing who comes from where, brands have run into the dark social , or what is the same, a growing source of traffic about which they do not know much and about which they can not know more.

The Problem Is Not Exactly New and Has Been Around for a Few Years

The problem is not exactly new and has been around for a few years. Although as consumers increasingly use social networks and certain elements of communication. Such as messaging apps, its Belize B2B List weight becomes greater. The term was coined in 2012 in an article in the atlantic. In which it was analyzed how web analytics tools were not working in an increasingly complex world. Some apps, instant messaging. There were more and more sources of traffic that could not be tracked and about which you could not know much more. Which made the reference traffic become a kind of stagnation that could not be could control.

The Figures Also Show That Dark Social Is Increasingly Powerful

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The issue is also that more and more content is being shared using these tools. Which means that dark social is far from disappearing. As you remember in an econsultancy article. There are more and more links that are shared directly through. Whatsapp or snapchat (links that are untraceable) and each time it occupies more space in the analytical. Data of the websites, although it continues to be so little. Measurable as it was in the past. Taking into account that some forecasts for 2016. Like this one from hootsuite, indicated that social messaging would become. The next great frontier to be conquered, the thing is even more worrying for brands. The dark social has an even more glorious future.

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