Search engines have become a basic tool for millions. Of people and, if we did a survey of the most popular or used. Most would surely think of google. Google celebrates 20 years, is the most. Used search engines worldwide for more than 86 percent of the market share. The doodle takes a tour of the 20-year history. Of the search engine. On average more than 40 thousand searches are performed. Per second search engines have become a basic tool for millions. Of people and, if we did a survey of the most popular or used most would. Surely think of google although its origins date back. To the 1960s the internet began to be accessible to a large part of the population. In the 1990s and over the last twenty years, its use has become.

Engine With the Highest Penetration Worldwide in Desktop Com

It dominates with more than 86 percent of the global market. Share far from bing Microsoft with 6.55 percent. The almost extinct yahoo 3.27 percent and chinese Baidu 1.08 percent. According to data from the stat counter. On average Google processes more than 40,000 searches per second. Which translates to 3.5 billion searches per day. Certainly, most of us have made a query in the VP Quality Email Lists search engine. Created by larry page and sergey brin and now on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. The mountain view technology company has decided to launch. One more marketing activities, in this case with its iconic doodle. It is to blame for this it is currently the search. A daily activity is almost necessary.

This Graphic Often Animated Usually Takes Advantage of the

VP Quality Email Lists
Of its popular web browser to celebrate or commemorate various. Relevant events or historical dates such as the day of the dead. Halloween christmas and now its own birthday. A video does eleven that by the way has designs made by. Two mexicans in which a tour of the 20 years is made and the. Most representative searches in that period of time, each one. Represented by a curious animation an action that more than showing. Off the two decades seeks to connect in an emotional. Way with users who, in one way or another. Will be challenged by more than one of them. The truth is that google is turning 20 years old and to a large extent.

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