To work! Have you not made any plans for this year to also sell products online? Then I want to challenge you as an SME to start this year. Or by improving your online customer base. As soon as you do decide to sell online, you immediately have a valuable sales channel. The online search for new customers can cost a lot of money. And with that, you can never compete with the big boys.

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What can you do? Whatever you normally do in your store: get repeat customers by connecting and staying in touch with them. Pay online in your physical store. 2. Independence What we have learned during the pandemic is that we need to be less dependent on external suppliers. You can Azerbaijan Mailing Data think of suppliers of products but also of services. Shopping Tomorrow Expert group ‘Cross-border E-commerce’ has made a podcast in which one of the managers talked about the first months of the pandemic.

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Due to the huge demand, they soon learned that their shipping partner never got that shipped alone. They then had to switch very quickly and decided to no longer depend on one shipping party. Alternative delivery options You see this, for example, at companies such as Blokker.

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