In recent times, content has become the great secret weapon (or perhaps not so secret) of brands and companies.In recent years, the marketing strategy has been increasingly focused on producing. Content and doing so in a modern, new way. It is the era of content marketing. In which corporate ‘spam’ is not being created simply, but value-added content is being generated. Content marketing is not simply publishing advertorials on your own. Websites or in the media that allow you to reach the interested audience, but rather involves creating valuable. Quality content that connects with consumers on another level.

The Growing Interest in Content Can Be Seen in the Moves

Companies have hired experts and in some cases have created their own staff of workers. Focused on them (large multinationals are trying to have their own newsrooms, for example). They have also begun to understand India phone number database the value of content and the need to focus on it. Collaborating with partners who know what really matters. And, of course, marketers have already made content a prominent part of their budgets. The content marketing industry already moves a lot of money and more. It will move, according to forecasts, from here to the immediate future. According to the results of a technavio study. The global content marketing market is growing at a rate of 16%.

The Content Marketing Market and Industry Is Going to Grow a Lot

On the one hand, there are the costs. Compared to traditional advertising, as is the case with ads, content marketing has a much lower price of entry. Publishing content is, in short, much cheaper than making a few minutes’ commercials for television. “Content marketing is the cheapest and most effective way to build brand recognition among consumers,” recalls the techno expert, noting that for consumers. If they can trust the brand as a source of information. They tend to feel that they can also rely on it as a source of consumer products.

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