One of the most outstanding profiles of the marketing department is that of the CMO. The head of it, and who sets the tone for what the company is going to do and how. The CMO is also one of the professionals who have undergone. The most changes and adjustments in recent years, since their responsibilities and work areas, have had. To be adjusted and modified at the pace of the changes that the industry has undergone. In one of its latest studies on the marketing market, Accenture managed to draw conclusions about. The new profile of chief marketing officer.

This New Type of CMO, Which Has Been Called “Innovative Cmos”

Innovative CMOS are one in six marketing leaders, but their data is much better than the rest. These managers achieve that their companies present returns 11% higher than those of the rest of the companies. They do so because, as they recall in a warm analysis, they are capable of transforming the company in a more profound. Way and also because they are faster and more dynamic. When it comes to USA WhatsApp Number List responding to changes and new consumer needs. But what do these marketing managers have in common, and what makes them stand out from the crowd? What is it that makes them these innovative? Cmos rather than just one of the ‘usual’ CMOS? In the analysis published in work. Three main characteristics of these managers are distinguished.

They Are Responsible for Innovation and Disruptive Growth

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They have assumed the reins of these two points, which they recall in the analysis they do so because they have understood that in order to respond to the challenges of. The current market – that is, those consumers who are always looking for new things and in a kind of constant evolution. They have no choice but to be themselves in a parallel situation. They need to be in constant work of updating, to find new opportunities for growth. This is also not only a philosophical position but also a working one. This CMOS are 28% more likely to spend the majority of their time on disruptive growth.

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