Facebook has a problem attracting new users and retaining them. The ones it already has, and it’s no secret that part of its strategy. Is to appropriate many of the features that have become popular. On Instagram Facebook reported revenue of more than 39 thousand. 942 million dollars from advertising during 2017it tries to. Replicate a format that has grown a lot on Instagram. Which in turn copied it from Snapchat fb currently. Has more than 2 billion users globally Facebook has a problem. Attracting new users and retaining the ones it. Already has and it’s no secret that part of its strategy. Is to appropriate many of the features that have become. Popular on Instagram this is because although the social. Network cofounded by Mark Zuckerberg is the one with the. Highest penetration worldwide with more than 2,196 million users.

Something That Becomes More Serious if It Is Combined With

Younger generations z or postmillennial and generation. T or tactile have no interest in being on this platform. And, it is that as of this week it introduces stories ads with which brands will be able to place advertising. In this Accounting Directors Email Lists format of ephemeral content, something that in the ephemeral. Message app has already been possible for a couple. Of years well they they copied from snapchat. In this way advertisers will be able to create. Content in video format, photos and even with augmented. Reality that will have a life time of 24 hours and then disappear. The objective is clear to offer companies a new way more playful. To connect with audiences why the change curiously. Facebook announces the new function when it also presumes that more than.

300 Million People Use Fb Stories a Substantial Jump if We

Accounting Directors Email Lists

That there are around 400 million users on instagram. According to figures from the platform itself. The reason may be a natural growth of the same format, the. Menlo park company cites data from ipsos that would support. This assumption according to the research firm. 68 percent of users say they share a story in at least three apps. And 63 percent plan to use more stories in the future. Without a doubt it is one more move by fb to make. Believe its advertising business, one that represents. The majority of its income, only last year meant more than. 39 thousand 942 million dollars. In the last year it has. Faced serious brand reputation and data protection problems.


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