One of the things that brands have learned in recent months and that. Has become completely clear is that brands on the internet. Now have to worry about working on their content area. Content marketing is a fundamental element to reach. Consumers in these times and a key issue to create relationships that really work. Consumers expect brands to offer them this content and are becoming more demanding. With what they should be like and what they expect from them. Companies have to create quality content that is truly informative and provides data of interest and that becomes a key to achieving added value.

Brands Need to Start Worrying About Something Else

Consumer attention windows are very small and companies actually have very few opportunities to connect with consumers to begin with. The immediate is really very brief and the possibility of connecting with the consumer is something very ephemeral. As a study by Boost The News has just shown, consumers’ attention spans for Internet articles are very limited. Consumers access Venezuela B2B List information at the moment and it is very difficult to ensure that content has a much longer life. 74% of the particles reach their peak of attention on the same day it is published, while only 25% manage to experience a traffic boom that lasts not only on the first but also on the second day. When you go further, the figures plummet. Only 1% of articles have high traffic beyond 2 days of publication.

A Week Supposes a Drop-in Traffic of 90% and a Month

Venezuela B2B List

The window of potential attention that articles have on the internet is therefore very limited and very short. Although it is not the only issue that brands have to take into account. Added to this ephemeral window is the fact that humans are increasingly unable to attend for a long time. In general, consumers tend to be much quicker to put something down and change their focus of interest. Something that is also becoming more ephemeral. A microsoft study pointed out that the attention window of humans is now 8 seconds. A very short time (less than goldfish, as the media that picked up the news, was quick to point out) and that it is also less than that of years ago.

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