The biggest addition is that UAE Phone Number there really needs to be a policy that should also be published in an easy-to-find manner. On the positive side, platforms should also make better arrangements for fake reviews, so that UAE Phone Number they can be removed. Of course, that also applies to Google. The most difficult thing is that you have to be able to show that someone is not a customer. A complaints procedure should also ensure that the reviews remain honest and should prevent companies from simply saying that all negative UAE Phone Number reviews are fake. Also read: Victim of a fake review on Google? This is what you should do What are the consequences? The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) is the supervisor for these rules.

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ACM can impose a fine. ACM is UAE Phone Number not obliged to handle every individual complaint. Only if there are many complaints about the same company will they take action. In principle, the Advertising Code Committee will decide for individual complaints. It cannot hand out a fine, but it does make a decision that is published. Non-compliance may UAE Phone Number also result in a company being blacklisted. Incidentally, there have been very few complaints about fake reviews so far.Email subscribers are easily bored. If you deliver lazy content that is insufficiently tailored to their needs, some will quickly lean back. That means your messages will UAE Phone Number disappear unopened into the depths of their mailboxes in no time.

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A shame, because inactive UAE Phone Number subscribers are not only missed prospects, all that snoozing can also have a negative impact on your opens and click through rates and therefore on the results of your email marketing . It is therefore important to actively maintain your lists and to keep your subscribers involved. But how do you do UAE Phone Number that effectively? UK data marketing platform Dot Digital shared a cheat sheet to get you started. With some bonus tips from the editors of Frankwatching. 1. Map the dropouts Start by identifying which group(s) have dropped out. The reasons why customers or subscribers no longer appreciate your UAE Phone Number newsletters can vary. You can map the groups with the help of segmentation tools.

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