A month has passed since the european data protection law, the rgpd was launched. And making the first balance of what it is assuming and the impact it is having for. Brands and companies already leave a worrying figure for them. The application of the new regulations has increased protests and complaints. That is what the data protection regulators of the different countries of the European union point out. As published in war, based on data associated with the data protection agencies of different countries.

In France for Example Complaints About Data Protection

In france, for example, complaints about data protection have grown by 50% year-on-year. In the case of the united kingdom, although they have not given Hotel Email List specific data. They have seen a general growth in both one and the other element. In that of austria, there has also been growing and they expect. It to do so more in the immediate future. These three countries are just one example of what is happening.

The problems for companies In the case of large companies

In spain, the data is not so recent, but a couple of weeks ago the spanish. Agency for data protection recognized that it has registered an increase. In the last two years of 36.8% of complaints were filed about data processing on the internet. The data implies – or can help to conclude. That the activation of the law has had an effect not only on companies but also on consumers. Regarding the former, it has made them more transparent. As shown by the fact that they are much more proactive when it comes to notifying data security breaches. Regarding the latter, the approval of the law would have created greater interest. The public in terms of data protection and their rights as consumers and users.

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