For years, after the boom of social networks, his death was announced. As social media had become the go-to way for consumers to find things, search engines seemed less and less relevant than they had in the past, and companies had to start refocusing their strategies and activity. Instead of focusing prominently on making a good SEO strategy, they had to focus on social media marketing. At that time, nobody seemed to think that one and the other were not exclusive and the analyzes and predictions spoke of a death at the hands of an emerging star.

Nobody Expects Seo to End Up Falling and in Fact

The boom in smart mobile devices, such as smartphones. Has meant that we are always connected and, therefore we are always consulting information. When you want to know something. You take out your mobile and – perhaps a great Northern Mariana Islands B2B List surprise for analysts of a few years ago – you use the search engine. The decline of social networks in terms of brand strategy. Marked not only by the drop in the use of some social networks but also by the changes they make in the algorithm. That controls what each consumer sees, has made search engines see as even more important. In the marketing strategy, the seo strategy is becoming more and more important (once again).

At the Same Time, we Must Not Think That Seo Today

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Therefore, no one can deny that web positioning must be worked on and that. Work must be done to place the content that the consumer. Wants to discover among the best search results. But, at the same time,we must not think that seo today is the same as it was five years ago and that things should not adapt to the times. Doing a job of positioning now implies taking into account more things. And those things are not just and simply that now searches are done from the mobile. The seo strategy has to adapt to the new times because. If it doesn’t, the results it will bring to the company will be of little relevance. It is not that SEO has disappeared before the new elements, but rather that it has changed.

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