Without this previous reflection, it is not possible to make personalized content and marketers are beginning to verify that effective. Otherwise, it’s not content marketing anymore, it’s just posting content. This is one of the concepts around content that often generates a lot of confusion. Tailored content is a step further in the personalization of content: it is unique content. Created specifically for a person or company. If we make an analogy with clothing, it is a tailored suit or at least a shirt with embroidered initials.

Although the Ideal Length of This Type of Content Is Still Being

This type of content is the one that requires the user to subscribe or register in order to access it. In general, these contents are usually defined as downloadable content. They usually take the form of guides, ebooks, reports, reports. Studies and whitepapers, among others, and their general focus is to provide deeper knowledge. Then Hong Kong B2B List could be conveyed in a blog article. Through downloadable content. Marketing departments can analyze the consumption or download of. The content of these identified users to better understand their needs. Lastly, the study of their activity makes. It is possible to classify users and establish their potential to become customers.

Evergreen Content the Type of Content That Does Not Expire

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This may seem obvious, but it is still very common to come across generic content. Of minimal length, acquired in marketplaces and distributed to generate positioning in search engines. Personalized content is the result of a strategic reflection on at least 5 elements: the identity of the company. The profile of the audience, the topics of interest of the target audience. The content distribution channels and the process of making contact with the market or customer journey.

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