Data has become a fundamental piece in the marketing strategy of companies. which are getting more and more on it to connect with consumers and turn them into active buyers of their brands. Data is the key to understanding them, to offer them what they want to hear. and data-driven marketing has become a kind of manna to achieve all these goals. Brands are getting more and more on data-driven marketing. 80% of marketers expect to be able to increase their budgets in this area and 83% believe. that being able to make data-driven decisions is important. Half expect to spend more money on data-driven marketing.

This Growing Interest of Brands in Data-driven Marketing

One of the basic elements (and one that should be repeated more often, since although it is a fact. Especially when they are doing data-driven marketing strategies. When analyzing information and when campaigning, brands have to Buy Malta WhatsApp Numbers separate the types of data they have. On the one hand, there is the contact information of the consumer. On the other hand, there are data metrics. They are all data, but not all of them fit into the same scenario.

You Can’t Mix Churros With Merinos: There Are Different Types of Data

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Each type of data-driven marketing is based on each of these. Data and what is achieved and what is done is equally different. As they point out in the analysis. Understanding the differences between what each data source supposes and between. What each of them implies is key to making a good marketing strategy. Equally important is not to neglect one for the benefit of the other. Obtaining results and measuring them is as important as knowing who to send each message to. When data-driven marketing is done based on consumer data, it is to make that consumer buying.

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