It is becoming more and more common for small stores to choose to have a presence in marketplaces, while big brands are betting on ephemeral prices and rotating catalogs where discounted items keep changing. These days of sales, the e-commerce market becomes a real battlefield in which online stores fight to conquer digital customers. They are buyers with a strong attraction to discounts. Specifically, 94% of them make purchases encouraged by the promotions on the Internet. The possibilities offered by the Internet to carry out discount campaigns that seduce this new consumer profile are many and can overwhelm the marketing department, so it is essential to be up to date with the latest trends, choose the ones that best suit the business, and put them into practice in a differentiated way with respect to the competition.

It Is a Marketing Strategy That Makes the Customer the Protagonist

It is a marketing strategy that makes the customer the protagonist of the campaign. As if it were a hunter, he has to be attentive to acquire the products he wants at the best price, which translates into a real challenge. Personalization is another fundamental aspect of the shopping experience of online customers, and, therefore, an effective strategy to capture their attention and promote sales. The retargeting actions that some businesses are developing hong kong phone number list during these days are present directly to the consumer while browsing the web. Items that they have already searched for previously, which in times of sales has a double value. The customer not only receives information on articles that interest you. But also knows the discount you can benefit from when you buy them during the sales campaign.

Design a Sales Calendar With Themed Days Theme

Large online sales platforms can be a very effective ally during sales. Especially for small stores that operate in an eminently local market and can expand. Their activity throughout the national territory. Marketplaces concentrate a large number of users and allow positioning with respect to. The competition in a shared space. In addition, some of them are in charge of all the logistics necessary to prepare. The shipments and manage the courier, which significantly speeds up. The volume of work on sales days and the costs that it can entail for a small company to expand. The workforce on these dates. Due to the increase in the volume of online orders.

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