Video is a fundamental part of the marketing and advertising strategy of companies. In recent times, investment in it has grown significantly and companies are allocating more and more resources. To achieve the best results in this field. They want to position themselves in the best possible and most effective way. To do this, however, they not only have to understand that video is very important but also assume. That it is changing at all times (as it could be said that it happens with everything that is linked to the internet and technology) and that it is necessary. To be up to date with what the changes imposed.

Based on the Observations Made in a Martechadvisor Analysis

Based on the observations made in cryptocurrency email list a martechadvisor analysis. In recent years, video has been one of the great favorites of the industry. Which has been betting on this content as consumers have shown much more interest in it. As consumers become more interested in video content in entertainment.

As Explained in the Analysis, in the New Strategy of Brands

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Videos have become a kind of premium channel in the multichannel strategy. They are in the different environments in which content is shared. But also in many more areas in what stages of the process it touches. They are not only a marketing tool but have become a key element in sales. Post-sale, or the consumption cycle. Likewise, they have become increasingly sophisticated as content and as consumers. Themselves have also become more sophisticated as audiences who receive them. Videos have begun to have to carve out a new path. They have to connect with consumers on new levels.

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