The greatest potential of retargeting unfolds in a small fraction of the time. From reviewing the particular user’s history and estimating potential. To decide on the price of ad space to buy. To which creatives to use and what to use. Products must be displayed however, real-time bidding (RTB) is a technology used not only. For retargeting but also for buying and selling online ads in general. This process is based on the auction. Where advertisers “Decide” how much they are willing to pay to view a particular ad. This bidding process is completely automated. And the entire purchase process takes approximately 100 milliseconds. Just before the web page loads on a user’s screen. With time so short, innovative ad technology is crucial.

How Real-Time Bidding Works Several Processes

Several processes occur before an ad is displayed. The entire procedure of selling and buying locations begins with a user visiting the publisher’s website. This triggers bid Free Nigerian email database requests for specific ad placements. To start the auction, the publisher is sharing important information about the user. In the next step, the publisher offers the placements to ad exchanges. Who then report the accessible placements to their DSP partners. DSPs first assess. The value and risk of purchasing a particular ad placement. Based on all available data and historical inventory data (ctr, viewability).

An Important Part of These Assessments Is Also Brand Safety Filtering

After evaluation, the DSPs inform the chosen advertisers about the particular user and available placements. Advertisers decide on the price they are willing to pay to view auctioned ads. This is also a time to prepare for creativity: choosing the right format. Deciding on the specific design template, and product offering. After the price estimation and the choice of creativity. It’s time for supply chain optimization. The market standard today is that publishers cooperate with about 6 platforms and for this reason. Buyers need to decide where to buy the particular location. I.E. Open market auction or private market auction, to optimize your investment.


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