What are the jobs of the future in the area of ​​digital marketing? That is a question that is asked, for very different reasons, by the different players in the market. Those responsible for human resources want to know so that they can recruit the necessary. Talent in that field and thus be able to capture the best trained professional before the race to do so breaks out. Having him in the squad gives certain advantage points. For workers, on the other hand, knowing what to look for allows them to hone in on marketing training and stay active. Knowing what to look for helps shape their careers. The list of professionals who will be most sought after in the immediate future is varied. Although with a kind of common tonic.

Chief Experience Officer a New High Position in the Direction

A new high position in the direction, which will also have high power. It is expected that 40% of those responsible for digital will report to this manager as soon as 2020. His responsibilities will be linked to ensuring that the Benin WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists consumer experience is positive at all times and in all areas. Therefore, they will have skills in areas such as empathy or being able to focus on design thinking. You will need to have trained both in the fields of creativity and in technology and management. It will be one more of the jobs in the content production area (and according to the analysis data, some 1,400 workers in this field are already in demand on LinkedIn right now).

How to Create an Appropriate Cv? Experts Also Recommend Jumping

As bots and virtual assistants grow and take on more and more roles, these professionals will be needed more and more. The interesting thing is that their training will have to be varied, because yes, they need to be experts in programming and ultimately computer engineers, but also have knowledge in ethics, language processing, design, and linguistics. IoT marketing strategist Another mixed profile of the many that appear in recent times. You’ll need to have an engineering background and background… but also be a marketing professional.

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