How do Spanish companies behave in the current digital environment? Are we up to the level of other countries in terms of the digital skills most sought after by companies, or is there still a long way to go? Thanks to the latest study carried out by the ICEMD (Institute of Digital Economy) on Digital Competencies in the company, we know more about the relationship that companies in our country have with the different digital tools and new social media. Online marketing professionals are very clear about their objectives and the places where they have to invest their clients’ budgets.

Extensive Knowledge and Digital Skills That Are Essential

Spanish companies are increasingly aware that their marketers have to move like fish to water in the online environment. These must be possessors of digital skills that in some selection processes are already essential. Market sectors such as tourism and retail are the ones. That most have these skills implanted in their departments and professionals. Market sectors such as Venezuela B2B List tourism and retail are the ones. That most have these skills implanted in their departments and professionals. The vast majority of marketing professionals and managers prefer to focus their efforts on setting strategies in the digita. The environment in order to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It is noteworthy that, despite being the preferred competence for professionals. It is also the least implemented in our country, as stated in the study.

Have a Business Strategy and Methodologies Aimed at Promoting

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This skill, another of the most demanded, refers to the strategies or decision-making of the corresponding departments of the companies in order to promote the use and development of new digital and social tools. Have a specific strategy and technology to manage customer relationships. Another of the most sought-after essential digital skills for marketers has as its main pillar customer service and relationship with them. To do this, it is recommended to have specific strategies that allow us to offer effective customer service through social and digital media, in addition to carrying out studies on the behavior of each one of them or preparing a Customer Experience Plan.

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