every image file (though I still recommend manually renaming images) but. I highly recommend this for SEO, it’ll automatically rename files to match the post they are attached to. Norway Phone Number List Requirements Checklist: If you have other authors on your site requirements checklist is Norway Phone Number List perfect for forcing posts to have specific requirements (2 tags, a featured image, body text, etc). PB SEO Friendly Images: Automatically adds alt or title to images when they are uploaded. Pinterest Automatic Pin: Posts to a Pinterest board automatically when a post is published, Norway Phone Number List is great if you have a lot of images per post. Surprisingly Pinterest can be a great source of website traffic if you work on your boards often.

What Is Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers?

When trying to brainstorm for article ideas or Norway Phone Number List finding low-hanging fruit on my site I use Ahrefs. At $99/mo I really only recommend this tool to people who already have established sites with revenue. To start I would Google a niche you’re looking to get into “Best Drones” for example, the related searches are a gold mine for free. Just from this quick search, I can see a site focusing on “drones under $200” would be a popular article. Norway Phone Number List Related search terms on the bottom of Google results Ahrefs is great at picking apart a competitor’s top pages and learning what works for competitors in your niche. Additionally, I use Ahrefs to find keywords I rank for in the 5-8 positions on Google.

How Effective Is Affiliate Marketing?

This is great for knowing which pages I can put a. Norway Phone Number List little bit of effort into and gain big results by moving a few positions up. 5. WordPress Hosting. If you’re starting a WordPress site. I highly recommend using a premium WordPress host like. WPEngine, Kinsta, or one of these best web hosting plans from reliable hosting companies. I see way too many people using cheap hosting which will slowly screw you over in the end. Google Norway Phone Number List will be ranking you based on site speed and using HTTPS which most premium hosts will handle for you.

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