I still remember one lazy Sunday night lying in bed with a “don’t ask me anything” mood. I peeked with one eye and opened a YouTube video. Overwhelmed by these usual orders, I put away my Namibia Phone Number fell asleep…I missed my dinner that night! True, I’m a bit lazy, but the video, while not lulling, does force me to leave. This “asking too much” tactic increases bounce rates – people walk away! In the case of video, unless the video creator is popular and well-known, viewers will switch or bounce within the first 3 to 5 seconds.

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First, share some values ​​or touch the heart of your audience, you should only ask them anything if you manage to get their attention. Remember, the audience on the platform will not provide you any value (as harsh Namibia Phone Number it may sound), but he/she will get something from you. Make it worth their time, and then go ahead and ask them to do something for you, assuming they enjoyed their time and got something useful. If you use too many “CTAs” on one page, you will confuse your audience.

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You put multiple paths in front of them and they don’t know which way to go! It’s the biggest content killer; it can kill hours of your effort and money like this (like what?). Oops…you didn’t hear my fingers snap! Let’s talk about bugs no. 2! Ambiguous! Like Mars and Jupiter, there is a difference between “piling up” and “hiding.” Ambiguity is not an Agatha Namibia Phone Number suspense thriller. It doesn’t stimulate our adrenaline; it causes irritation and creates stress. Making your audience wonder when the value will come or forcing them into some unknown territory. Before asking them to click any link or button, ask yourself, as the viewer, if there are any possible objections or unanswered questions!

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