Analytics what kind of statistics Singapore Phone Number can you obtain around the event about the visitors and sessions? Integration : does it work with other platforms that you want to use for the event? From payments with iDeal and creative Singapore Phone Number sessions in Miro to networking in Before you choose a platform, it is good to keep in mind how you are going to serve it concretely and for whom you are doing this. The Singapore Phone Number platforms sometimes have dozens of functionalities that can beautifully enrich the event, but do you really have time to prepare all of this.

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Is there someone from your team Singapore Phone Number during the event (or if you do this yourself: do you have time for this yourself) to facilitate all of this? Are these functionalities really necessary to make the event a success and to achieve your goals? Is the audience really ready for this, or can participants get overstimulated by the overkill Singapore Phone Number them? And how does the platform work for you as an organiser? Is it plug & play ? Or do you also need external support to fill technically complex functions in an orderly manner? 1. Microsoft Singapore Phone Number and the additional wishes were often not that crazy, I quickly ended up with Microsoft Teams and Zoom for many customers.

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Both platforms, which we Singapore Phone Number video conferencing, offer great possibilities for organizing complete events. In addition to the regular video calling functionalities, you can also work extensively with break-out sessions and tools such as Miro and Mentimeter, with which you can, for example, Singapore Phone Number creative sub-session. The big advantage of both platforms is that people often already have Teams and Zoom on their computer or tablet and are used to using them. In addition, as an organization you Singapore Phone Number functionalities, which is of course nice for the budget. Both platforms offer a wide range of options for larger, more extensive events.

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