When a user visits a pillar page to learn about a particular niche, he does not need to visit any other website or blog. Content snippets for pillar pages require deep research from multiple sources to accumulate all Costa Rica Phone Number snippets of information related to a topic. You need to include all collected information in your pillar page content. Naturally, the content section of a pillar page requires a large word count to attract readers. Ideally, the content of a pillar page should contain around 4000-4500 words on average.

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Word counts may sound out of reach, but you need to do as much research as possible when creating your pillar page content. Every accessible piece of information related to the main topic needs to be included in the Costa Rica Phone Number page content. Also, never forget to backlink your website to resource sites to generate more web traffic . What is the ideal word count for a list article? When it comes to listicles, 2300-2600 words is enough to list materials, ideas. When listing something, idea, technology or product you must try to detail. The specifications and positive and negative aspects of the target element.

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Readers browse the list to better understand specific elements and the best options within those elements. However if you look at it from the reader’s point of view. When reading a list it’s normal Costa Rica Phone Number expect a list with more elements. Therefore, you should try to include as many target elements as possible in the list. It doesn’t matter if the listicle’s word count exceeds the average word limit. Ideal length for “how-to” posts The main goal of the How-To blog post is to describe a specific procedure in detail.

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