With the rise of internet use, consumers have also become increasingly suspicious about how their data is used. With most reluctant to share their location or personal data. Teenagers are no strangers to this trend, and they dislike those brands. For example, collect their data. However, they are also aware of their commercial value and are willing to sell them to the highest bidder. And according to a real-time generation survey of more than 1,000 teens ages 13 to 17. The price isn’t too high. Specifically, 42% of the boys would prefer to sell their data for 15 pounds (about 20 euros) before doing any work or task to earn that money.

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The survey also reveals that teens are, not surprisingly, more willing to share data for safety or health reasons such as allowing. Their health data to be monitored so doctors can make a better diagnosis than to Sweden B2B List let companies have access to them. Thus, among the practices that they most disliked related to the privacy of their data. Was the fact that companies sell their data to third parties (for 60%). That their location data is used (54%), that collect your information. Online to provide targeted and personalized ads (50%) or track movement. Within a store through personal devices for marketing purposes (41%).

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Sweden B2B List

The current adolescent has not known a world that was not digital, and for him. It is not really possible to speak of two different worlds. Their online presence is constant, and according to the survey. They spend an average of 9 hours a day online, either through a computer or smartphone (93% have their own smartphone) and what do. They spend those 9 hours doing? Especially social media, making and watching videos. Playing games and using instant messaging apps, in that order. But they also search the internet. Use email, or write blogs.

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