Key Benefits of a Case Study Post Case studies are Impressive and persuasive marketing tools for attracting new clients. By showing the results that one client got, you demonstrate that you know what you’re talking. South Africa Email List about and know how to get results (making them one of the best blog post templates for conversion-oriented content goals). South Africa Email List Useful posts for showing the practical application of the strategies and tactics that you teach through how-to posts, list posts, and so on. Popular with readers who South Africa Email List want real-life figures and examples. What to Include in Your Case Study Post A case study blog post template includes A short introduction that tells the reader about the individual or company in the case study. This is a good place to preview the results.

Brainstorming Smart Blog Post Ideas (Using Keyword Research)

You don’t want these to be a mystery, so don’t South Africa Email List worry about spoilers! Several subsections explain how the client got their results. Normally, these will follow a chronological pattern, explaining the process or steps the client went through. A conclusion with a strong call to action, such as inviting the reader to hire you to South Africa Email List help them get similar results in their own business.

Here’s how you could write and structure each of those: Introduction: At the start of the post, give the headline figure or key result from the case study. For instance, “Donna, a busy mum of three, lost 50lbs in just one year. Here’s how she did it.” You might also want to include a section after the introduction that gives the “before” picture of how the client was struggling to implement change before deciding to use your product or services.

Optimizing The Design And Layout Of Your Blog Post.

Subsections: There’s no one right way to South Africa Email List structure your case study. If you frequently share case studies, though, you might want to come up with a consistent template you can use each time. It’s helpful to give readers some background on the client, to share key milestones along the way (e.g. the first big spike in South Africa Email List traffic that a client got after paying for your SEO services)

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