Digital customers search the web for answers to specific questions, and brands need to deliver those answers and fast. If not, they will miss out on that little moment in real-time with their prospect. The concept of micro-moment has started to gain popularity after the latest. Google study is defined as short bursts of attention that customers pay when shopping. Searching, watching videos or locating something on mobile devices connected to the internet. The key to these interactions is the potential future customer has with. The brand is in the devices they use, usually mobile phones and tablets. Rafa Romero, head of Telligent in Spain, provider of relational marketing solutions. Points out that ” optimization according to the channel has become an essential condition in any marketing strategy “.

There Is an Increase of 8.29% in Mobile Conversion Rates

Statistics from the retail sector confirm that 82% of smartphone users use their devices within the same store to make informed decisions about their purchases. But it is a double-edged sword since the brands run the Buy New Zealand WhatsApp Numbers risk that the customer ends up buying a different product than the one he had planned. “Therefore, an impact of a few seconds is very significant and can be decisive,” says Rafa Romero. Selligent shares four “basic” tips for succeeding in micro-moments: Identify the moments of contact with your public. Take a big picture and find out what your consumers want when they search for information about a product or service.

This Knowledge Will Allow the Brand to Be Present

Design a way forward focused on the user. In Google’s study with Ipsos called “Consumers in the Micro-Moment”, 60% of online consumers admitted that they make purchasing decisions faster than before, thanks to online information. Entrepreneur Magazine calculated that e-commerce has 10 seconds or less to capture and retain its customers. By offering an experience that revolves around them, the brand is perceived as more relevant and personal.

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