If you want to connect with audiences these days, you have to jump right into the video. The idea seems like a kind of logical conclusion in today’s world, one that all brands seem to be doing. Consumers are massively accessing video and overwhelmingly consuming this type of content. Which has become (and by far, or so some reports seem to indicate) the favorite type of content. Mobile devices have only made things even easier for them. As they have created a screen that is always available and can be used at all times. To access information and to connect with that type of content.

If to All This Is Added That Television Is Experiencing Low Hours

They have to take advantage of this boom in order to reach their audiences. But is all this interest in the video completely justified? In other words, isn’t the fascination with these contents getting out of hand for brands? Because it is true that consumers are, as viewers, resorting more and more to video on the internet, but for this reason. They are not also directly and absolutely receiving with the Buy Germany WhatsApp Numbers same enthusiasm what brands are doing associated with the video. In fact, it could be said that video advertising is one of the most and more critical and annoys consumers more and more and also that, despite everything. Consumers are not watching brand videos with emotion. It’s one thing to binge-watch the final season of Game of thrones. Or watch funny videos on youtube and it is quite another to watch the videos that brands publish on the internet.

The Studies Also Show That There Is Not Only a Certain


As a parse.Ly study has just concluded and as Nieman lab reports. Videos achieve much lower engagement rates than those achieved by other content. They also achieve this not only in advertising but also in content in general. To reach these conclusions, parse.Ly has analyzed how viewers respond to content. Comparing long-form, short-form, gallery, and video content. The videos achieved a much lower engagement time (that is, the time in which that content is being active. Consumed, and that implies not only having opened the page but also interacting with it. Such as scrolling or clicking on it) much lower. Compared to other content, its engagement time is 30% lower.

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