They do not understand gender or age. Nor of origin or category. We are talking about “How-to” videos. A type of content that is successful among consumers and an online marketing strategy that brands and companies should opt for. Based on the beneficial results that these videos can bring. To their respective companies. This is what emerges from the latest data provided by google on its think with google blog. A space in which the popularity of this content and the gold mine that these can mean for brands is confirmed.

In the Same Way Among the Interesting Statistics Provided

Specifically, google confirms the production of this type of content. Which ranges from advice on how to apply makeup correctly to how to use a coffee machine. Has increased significantly in the last year, obtaining a more spectacular percentage of views as a response. Of such videos. Thus, from this company they assure that youtube has increased in the last year by 70% the VP Audit Email Lists number of searches of people who use this type of video content. Which offers exact information about their needs and interests. In the same way, among the interesting statistics provided by the. Almighty search engines are the most popular categories and those that consumers most demand around this type of video.

The Key Is in Mobile Devices Google Has Answers

VP Audit Email Lists

Google has answers for everything and blames mobile devices for the interest of users in these videos. In fact, this company confirms that these constitute the main medium through which users search for this content, specifically, in 91% of cases. In the same way, the search giant also establishes that millennials are the most likely consumers to make use of these “how to…” videos and indicate in two out of three cases that they are willing to search for them on YouTube about anything from what they can learn.

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