The implementation of different marketing automation or trigger. Marketing scripts will allow you to give more rhythm to your relationship with your customers. In this way, you can create automated actions that will be launched in response to the specific activity of each client. The process is based on a complete analysis of the data that ranges from the consumer’s. Purchase history to their online behavior through their geographical location. Contrary to a massive campaign. Trigger marketing is based on a more advanced personalization of communications. As soon as an internet user begins to consult a page of your website. Gives signs of wanting to place an order or, on the contrary, abandons their shopping cart.

It Is Possible to Send Them a Complementary E-mail

The possibilities are multiple: Welcoming a new subscriber with a welcome promotion, sending an e-mail after abandoning a shopping cart or clicking on a newsletter, proposing a related product after order are some of the examples of Buy Jordan WhatsApp Numbers the most used scripts at the beginning of the relationship with the client. We are talking here, for example, about the anniversary of the first purchase, the use of loyalty points, or the measurement of satisfaction after an order has been placed.

You Can Also Establish Scripts Related to Events in the Client’s Life

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Trigger marketing has unbeatable potential with an estimated open rate of 40% on average and an. The average click rate of 25% (a rate that goes to 31% on average in cases of cart abandonment emails). But it is necessary in any case to control and organize yours. Campaigns correctly to limit unwanted effects. Thus, it is essential to ensure the coherence of the messages and to control them very well. The commercial pressure applied to the recipients. The automation of automated scripts can subject the same recipient to an exaggerated number of hits in the same day, for example. The formalization of the customer journey must allow you to control at all times the marketing pressure to which.

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