As many of you already know, my own journey starting to Benin WhatsApp Number List freelance began back in 2014 and I grew the business to $160,000 on the side of my day job doing content marketing consulting. But… a lot has changed in 4 years, and content marketing isn’t quite the same as freelance writing. So, I partnered up with my friend Robert Allen, to do something insanely cool here on the blog with you for the next 30 days… He’s publicly challenging himself to earn $5,000 in 1 month as a brand new freelance writer. Each week, Benin WhatsApp Number List he’ll be updating this post with a check-in on how he’s doing, what his biggest wins are, and where he’s running into roadblocks along the way… And at the end of the month, he’s giving away $1,000 of his earnings to one of you.

Should I Quit My Job Before Starting a Business?

Here’s Robert: Start Freelance Writing Robert Benin WhatsApp Number List Allen Head Shot Challenge 1 Now, I’m going to let Robert take it away from here to tell you more! … Robert: Every time I check Facebook these days, my newsfeed is full ads like this: Start Freelancing Writing 5k Challenge FB Ad “How A 26 yo Punk Started A Consulting Biz In Parents Garage & Made $10M In 4 yrs” While I’m certainly not picking on this Benin WhatsApp Number List guy (who knows?… maybe it really was that easy for him to his millions),

Why I Decided to Quit My Job When I Had it All.

Start Freelance Writer Success isn’t Easy I’m almost Benin WhatsApp Number List embarrassed to talk about how much I struggled in the beginning of my freelance writing career. I’d do whatever odd-end writing jobs I could get… and settle for the worst clients in the world. Oh god, when I think about some of those old conversations with clients I cringe. ME: “Oh so you need 2,000 product descriptions written?” (Which is about 10 hours of Benin WhatsApp Number List work, btw.) CLIENT: “Yeah… and I can’t pay more than $50 for it.” ME: “I can do that!” **Proceeds to do BELOW minimum wage work… telling myself, “I’m just paying my dues” for the 10th time.** CLIENT: “Can you write the first draft for free?

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