Let’s face it, a lot of potential customers click on a product, check its price and details, but don’t end up making a purchase. According to Baymard’s analysis, the shopping cart abandonment rate in eCommerce exceeds 70%. Some of the users decide to buy a product right away, but others will buy it days or even months later. Knowing how to target these different user segments based on a wide range of variables is one of the powerful features of performance-based solutions. Marketers use retargeted to find the smartest approach for their business. But what metrics are they looking for when the ad campaign is running? And what is worth investigating for better results?

Improving the Retargeting Campaign Is an Exercise That Goes Beyond

Planning advertising activities for the conversion Buy Armenia WhatsApp Marketing Number Lists funnel is only a small part of retargeting. This means being able to find out how much potential each visitor has. Are they former buyers? Have they only made a previous visit? New technologies allow marketers to attract potential buyers with offers tailored to their individual needs. Advertisers can, for example, find users in the fashion industry who prefer to buy during peak sales and those who complete a transaction only with standard offers.

By Reviewing in-depth Analytics and Segmenting Users

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A targeted message can be delivered to shoppers who are most likely to complete the purchase. For example, those who have not yet completed any purchases on the e-commerce site. Users can be reminded about a product from a specific category that they viewed. You can even recapture the attention of users who already visited the e-commerce 30 or 60 days ago. Reminding them again of a special offer or promotion. Industry experts estimate that each person averages a total of 5,000 ad views each day. With such saturated competition.

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