It was for a financial client that posted about the Belgium WhatsApp Number List need for a direct response copywriter. It was a great potential fit for me! So I browsed around on their site for a minute and then drafted up this email. A couple of important things to note: Since this company was specifically looking for direct response copywriters, I was able to be direct. There’s not a lot of lead in or beating around the bush. That’s the Belgium WhatsApp Number List benefit of SolidGigs. Notice that I provided attachments with some samples AND put screenshots right in the email. I gave the screenshots so even if he didn’t open the attachment, he would see some of the things I’ve worked on. Notice how I sign off with Want to hop on skype for 5 minutes?

Do You Procrastinate? Well, It’s Not Your Fault.

I actually prefer to use zoom but in the job listing they Belgium WhatsApp Number List said that candidates will need to jump on a skype call if selected. So I just went ahead and made it seem like selecting me and taking the next step was a foregone decision. Lastly, notice the P.S. of this email. That’s where this email really shines and makes me different. See, they didn’t say specifically what type of campaigns/copy they needed, Belgium WhatsApp Number List but I noticed that they were hiring a ton of support roles in one key area of financial copy. To me that was a HUGE tell-tale that they were moving their business in this direction. So I tailored by samples to that. And that level of customization paid off.

The Top Secret Anti-Procrastination Hack.

Because I got this 1 hour later: The call Belgium WhatsApp Number List went great and it would have been great paying work. Unfortunately, I had to turn down the business due to a conflict of interest…which was a bummer. But that happens sometimes. You just have to keep going. I sent a few more outbound emails without any reply back. And then an incredible opportunity opened on LinkedIn. See, I connected to an absolutely Belgium WhatsApp Number List brilliant content creator and she was hiring a writer. And even though I couldn’t do it, , I tried to create real value for her and actually passed along a referral. Here’s my message to her: But then watch what happened in her response.

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